Don’t Take No Sh** Anymore! | Tara Hamilton Howard

Did you know that one in three workers aged 45 and above believe that their employer discriminates based on age? There’s nothing more infuriating than being overlooked, disregarded and underrated just because you’ve got a few extra years on your resume. And, if you thought having more experience would help set you apart from the competition, think again.

The truth is, if you’re a woman in your 40’s or 50’s, finding a job is incredibly difficult and it doesn’t help that most employers shy away from employing women over a certain age. But who wants to work for someone else anyway? You’ve got too much experience, talent, and passion to allow somebody else to tell you what to do and when to do it.

In this new series, I share my nuggets of wisdom to help entrepreneurial women like you change their mindset so that they can step into the life they were always meant to live. It’s my mission to help midlife women reinvent themselves and break free from the suffocating chains of the corporate world so they can live a more liberating and fulfilling life.

Are you ready to take charge of your own destiny?

Let’s do it!

In this episode, you’ll uncover:

  • How this new series will help you escape the chains of a corporate career and follow the beat of your own drum
  • Why employers are reluctant to employ women in their 40’s and above
  • A walk down memory lane with me from being made redundant to launching my own business
  • Why your mindset is the biggest roadblock preventing you from becoming self-employed
  • How to start your own business with help from the Self Adore Success System
  • How to crush your limiting beliefs and become a better ‘me’

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