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Are you sabotaging your own success with your limiting beliefs? Are you holding on to an event that happened in your past that’s holding you back from being the best version of you? Your limiting beliefs may be holding you back from living a more liberating and fulfilling life.

In this blog I will be giving you all the tools you need to help move beyond your limiting beliefs and to develop a positive mindset that will help you step into the life you were meant to live.

You Stupid Girl

You Stupid Girl – I grew up being convinced by my brothers I was a Stupid Little Girl. Adults, that I looked up to, would reinforce it by bellowing at me “YOU SSSSTUUUUPID GIRL”.  I remember forgetting my lunch box for school or knocking over a glass – the sort of thing I’m pretty sure even the cleverest person in the world has done – and it would be met with “You Stupid Girl”. After hearing these words over and over, it became my reality.

You may, or may not, have had those, or similar, words directed at you when you were growing up, or at some point in your life. If you did, you probably know that they can really have a negative impact.

For me, stupid was a role I was given and that I accepted. I played it well until, with help, I realised it was a limiting belief that only existed in my mind, and it was my biggest obstacle getting in the way of success.

My senior school teacher once shared with me “you’re not really very good at anything are you”?  The words …. not really good at anything are you…replayed in my mind like a top 40 hit on the radio every time I tried to do something. I even, at one stage, stopped trying.

What’s Holding YOU Back?

Is there an event that happened in your past that’s holding you back, or something someone has said repeatedly or even just once, that has stuck with you, and keeps you from being the best version of you?

Maybe it’s not a belief in yourself, but your belief about others that’s creating a wall? Or maybe it’s your belief about a group, or about the world-at-large, that you’re struggling with?

Let’s look at these a little closer as you likely have many limiting beliefs holding you back, that you’re not even aware of! They might well be voices in your head that sound like this:

  • “I’m too old to get a new job”
  • “The men at my work always get the promotions”
  • “Money is hard to come by”
  • “I’m too old to go into business for myself”
  • “I don’t have what it takes to be a female entrepreneur”

These are all examples of limiting beliefs. To hold these types of beliefs can negatively influence how you experience life.

The question to ask yourself is “how do my beliefs hold ME back?  What have they prevented ME from achieving or experiencing”?

The Good News

Now, beliefs don’t have to be a bad thing. Beliefs only become a problem when they are not serving you – which can turn into excuses:

  • The excuse to not exercise
  • The excuse to not talk to your boss
  • The excuse to not start your own busines
  • The excuse to not pursue your passion

The good news is, it comes down to MINDSET – you get to choose. You get to choose which beliefs you are going to keep and which beliefs you are going detach from.

Believing in yourself is a choice.

You can allow negative beliefs to rule your life, or you can create new, positive ones. The choice is YOURS!

The Stats

Here’s some ‘food for thought’ and some juicy stats to get your mind working and your entrepreneurial juices flowing.

  • One in three workers aged 45 and over believe their employer discriminates based on age and many believe employers aren’t doing enough to support older workers.
  • More than 70% of businesses started by people in their 50’s survived for at least five years whereas only 28% of those started by younger people last as long

If your limiting beliefs are holding you back, find strength in the truth. Make the choice to focus on the positive stats – and follow your passions.

Breaking Through Your Limiting Beliefs

You may be thinking “I’ve believed this all my life, I can’t change now.”  And I’m here to tell you – YOU CAN.

You have the power in this present moment to change your limiting beliefs.

I know this isn’t easy.  Sometimes it’s easier to just stay comfortable with where you are and with what you’ve been led to believe. But that doesn’t help you move forward towards success and fulfillment.

You may be thinking, I’m too old to make a change. Well, I’m here to convince you that this is just a limiting belief holding you back from reaching your greatest potential.

When I took the step in my 40’s from being employed to being self-employed, I was terrified. The same is true for many of the other self-employed women in my network. But with the right guidance, and support, we can make great things happen.

Free yourself from the imprisonment of your own limiting beliefs. Every day you must unlearn what holds you back. When you can do this – there’s no glass ceiling to what you can accomplish!

Remember, the past is gone. There is no useful payoff in blaming your parents, blaming where you grew up, blaming the teacher who told you that you weren’t good at anything.

It’s now up to you to take responsibility. Take charge of your mindset and shape the life you deserve.

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