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“I believe a better ME makes a better world”

My modus operandi is to help midlife women stop taking ageist BS, build a profitable side-hustle that gets them jumping out of bed in the morning and rekindle their fire for life by ensuring their future happiness, health and wealth.

Born in England, I was the youngest of four children – the only girl – who’s greatest achievement in the eyes of my parents could have been to “marry well”. 

That wasn’t going to work for me. I was ambitious and curious about my place in the world. I knew that I wanted to travel widely and do things on my own terms, so I did. Fast-forward many years and I had not only lived and worked in major cities, but fallen in love – and to my surprise, qualified as a commercial pilot where I taught as a flight instructor.

After buying my first property at age 22, I returned to England to take over the family hotel business. Although it had done reasonably well as a historic venue, I saw so much more potential in it as a premier wedding destination. So, I transformed it, increasing the number of weddings hosted from just three to over 100 per year.

But I’ve had my fair share of business bruising. After committing decades to building that business, I lost almost everything when family issues ended in my own redundancy.

I was lost and completely broken. I had given so much of myself to something that was never really mine, and I felt like I had nothing to show for it. When I tried to re-enter the Tara Hamilton Howardworkforce, I couldn’t believe how much my age had changed things for me.

I was still as ambitious as I’ve ever been. I was still as passionate, as people-focused and as committed. 

In fact, I felt like I had more to offer, thanks to my experience.

But I wasn’t taken seriously. So, I decided that I wasn’t going to take that ageist BS – I would build my own success because I had a superpower… and that was my ability to get things done.

The Venus Movement was born, going onto create the highly-prestigious and acclaimed Venus Awards and Venus Magazine. 

Channel 4 has coined us “the working women’s Oscars” thanks to all we do to shine spotlights on women in business achieving incredible things. 

That led to the science behind SASS, the Self Adore Success System that midlife women are using to create their own legacies in work and life.

I’m a mother, midlife coach, global public speaker and author, but more than anything – I’m indisputable proof that despite setbacks; passions can be turned into money-magnet superpowers after the age of 40.

SASS by TaraI would love for you to join me. You can start by taking my complimentary SASS Assessment which will start you on your journey to a life more self-adoring.

Tara Hamilton Howard

“What do dreams know of boundaries?

Amelia Earhart.

Outside of work, I have always been eager to share my love of travel and adventure with my children. I trekked to Everest Base Camp with Ryan, cycled from London to Paris with Dallas and traversed a Nepalese Glacier with Cherie.

For my next challenge my youngest, Donny, and I will kayak across the English Channel.