Tara Hamilton Howard | Its all about SASS

I work with midlife women to discover and unleash their passion and potential

Find your purpose. Change your story. Transform your relationships.

Together, let’s reignite the fire for your life.

I work with midlife women to discover and unleash their passion and potential

Find your purpose. Change your story. Transform your relationships.

 Together, let’s reignite the fire for your life.

I’m Tara

I believe midlife women are capable of extraordinary things when they learn how to harness their SASS. I know this because I’ve helped many do it.

I’m a successful midlife coach, business owner, author and mother of four, and I’m on a journey to help women rediscover their confidence, own their superpower and start living their best years yet.

What is SASS?

The Self Adore Success System (SASS) is a proven system that enables midlife women to live better, and more fulfilling lives.

It’s a clear pathway to creating the shifts in thinking and doing that lead to more money, more happiness, more life satisfaction and more control. 

I designed SASS for midlife women who wanted to uplevel their life and potential in working for themselves – and that’s exactly what the ladies who join me do. So, if you’re tired of the status quo and ready for more (but unsure of how to get it or where to start), now is the time to get SASSy.

The next SASS enrollment will be opening soon. To learn more and be notified of our next enrollment period, join the wait list now.

Take the first step

Everything begins with understanding where you sit on the SASS Confidence Calculator. 

This personalised assessment will measure your responses against the Four Pillars Of Success required for professional and personal excellence, and give you tailored recommendations for where and how you can grow and change in order to start getting what you want.

It’s free and takes only a few minutes to complete.

Are you seeking the freedom, wealth and reinvention of identity

that would come with pursuing what you love?

SASS was born out of The Venus Awards (affectionately known as the “working women’s Oscars”) – a way to shine a light on the incredible contribution of entrepreneurial women to the world, despite the many pressures they faced.

What I’ve realised since is that there are so many women who want this, but don’t know where to start.

I know exactly what that feels like.

Before I started Venus, I was at my lowest point after being made redundant from the family business I had poured my heart and soul into. I was devastated.

What I had was a Plan B. I used my superpower of making things happen and supercharged my efforts into building a side-hustle that aligned with my passion and purpose – The Venus Awards.

But it didn’t stop there. I thought, what if I could help other women, like me, reignite the fire for their own lives? Uncover their money-magnet superpower and in the process, help them rekindle their confidence, authority, relationships and success mindset?

Our futures aren’t certain and we are all vulnerable to change.

What’s your Plan B going to be?


50% of working midlife women
feel that ageism exists.


Women are 4 times more likely to think
about becoming entrepreneurs than to actually become one.


70% of businesses started by midlifers survive, compared to only 28% of those of younger years


Women entrepreneurs are estimated to add a £100 billion boost to the economy over the next decade.


Entrepreneurs with a mentor are 5 times more likely to succeed.

How I help you find your superpower and regain financial freedom


Through my bespoke online course, SASS supports women every step of the way on their journey to greater confidence, clearer purpose, better relationships, more respect and overall well being.


Have a specific goal or problem you need clarity, accountability and expert advice on? Let my experience in running game-changing businesses and mentoring successful female entrepreneurs help you on your path.


Every week, me and the Venus team release nuggets of wisdom to help you change your victim mindset, better your focus and hit serious money and personal fulfillment goals. We’d love to share our insight with you.


Link arms with a whole tribe of high-achieving, vivacious and supportive female entrepreneurs (and future leaders) in our Facebook community. Sisterhood guaranteed.

What midlife crisis?

The way midlife women are marketed to, portrayed, and discriminated against is wrong.
Whether or not you see it right now, you are entering the most exciting chapter of your life.
You’re more wise, more beautiful, more learned and more capable than you’ve ever been. The opportunity has never been greater.
My job is to make sure you don’t waste it.
SASS is here to help you take charge of your own destiny in work, in life and everywhere in between.
So, let’s stop taking any ageist BS and show them what we can do, shall we?

Sucess Stories

I have just had my very first coaching session with Tara and in less than an hour she had completely blown my mind. Anyone who is really thinking about moving to another level, I am not talking about the next level, I’m talking about another level. You seriously need to take the time to have a coaching session with Tara.

Sarah Ali-Choudhury, Celebrity Chef – UK

I wanted to share my experience of working with Tara, we really got to the point very quickly about what the issues were. She helped me develop options,  identify the options I really didn’t want and we moved forward. She’s warm, engaging, vibrant, and there’s so much energy there its so focused – its focused on ME and that’s a delight. I really feel I made progress by working with her.

Karen Cates, Business Executive – California

My coaching with Tara has been a really amazing experience, she allowed me to communicate what I was feeling and we talked about numerous things but what really impacted me was, she created that sacred space, she showed that she cared and it was really – I’m getting goose bumps right now. It was really something that impacted me greatly and she’s an amazing coach.

Malena Jimenez-Fogarty, Life Coach – New York.